The Magician and the Dolphin

Once upon a time, a young magician lived in a blue lighthouse, just a few meters away from the sea. As every morning when the sun was rising over the horizon, he was sitting down at the edge of the dock, with his legs dangling lifelessly.

One day, a dolphin saw the young magician staring blankly at the sea, as if he was absorbed by its immensity. The dolphin approched him. “Hey, what are you doing here?” he said. The magician was shocked by the bizzare situation. “Am I dreaming? Animals don’t speak!” he thought out loud. “It might have been an hallucination,” so he din’t push the matter any further.

“You see,” continued the dolphin. “You have lost your magic. Animals do speak, and so do I.” Tears started to fell down the magician’s cheeks. He thought he was loosing control of himself, but he replied anyways, he had nothing to lose. “I used to play here with my father when I was a kid. He was the greatest magician I have ever known and he taught me everything he knew. Together, we made the fish dance, we formed huge waves and we filled the dark with stars, just by the swing of our wand. And now I can’t even help myself.”

The dolphin smiled tenderly. “It was not the magic wand that created those miracles. It was the fact that you believed, you believed in magic. But since your father has been gone, you have stopped believing. Just the ones who believe in magic are the ones who find it.”A few seconds later, the dolphin dived into the water and dissapeared.

As it was time to have dinner, so the magician stood up and walked to his house. He spent the entire evening reflecting on the dolphin’s words. “Just the ones who believe in magic are the ones who find it,” he repeated in his head.

That night, while the young magician was sleeping, a fierce storm lashed the lighthouse. The wind was slamming so violently that a stone crashed through a window. Scared, the magician woke up and immediately a thought made his heart swell. “Just the ones who believe in magic are the ones who find it.” 

The young magician opened the door of his house with determination and, against all the odds, headed to the dock. Every step he made, the weather became more and more violent. Halfway, he stopped and closed his eyes. No sooner had he started to blow than the storm melted away, the sky turned blue and the sun shone brighly upon the water.

The magician walked a few steps further, sat down at the edge of the dock and smiled at the universe. 


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