The Nurse and the Explorer

Once upon a time, there was a nurse and an explorer which were destined to come together, but none of them knew about the existence of each other. The nurse lived in a beautiful village up on a mountain, and the explorer lived everywhere around the world. The nurse spent her days walking around the village helping people with the magical power of her hands while the explorer followed the Lights of the Universe. They had completely different lives, yet their paths were meant to touch each other. And every day that went by without them coming together, the Universe cried out in pain.

One night, the explorer was about to go to sleep when suddenly he saw a shooting star in between the clouds. Delighted by its brightness, he followed it as he usually did with other signs. So, guided by his heart, he bought a horse in a small shop and continued his unexpected journey.

After spending many days traveling with his horse, the luminous star that had been illuminating his path vanished in the sky all of a sudden. The explorer found himself lost somewhere in the middle of a big forest and a subtle feeling of sadness invaded his heart. For the first time, he felt lonely. He had momentarily disconnected from the Source of the Universe. The explorer was no longer an explorer. Tears started to fall down his cheeks and decided to abandon his journey.

The next morning, the explorer woke up and packed his things. He had run out of energy, so he was not able to listen to his heart anymore. But just when everything seemed to be lost, he saw a beautiful young lady walking through the trees. And the lady saw him too. He didn’t know she was the Nurse of God, neither the nurse knew he was one of the Explorers of the Universe. However, their eyes were filled with sparkles, and that was everything that mattered.

Once and for all, the Universe was at peace and smiled.


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